88 Handbags + Conscious Skincare


Conscious Skincare is a vegan brand based in Wales that hand makes high quality Organic Face & Body products. They are proud to say that their products are 100% organic, chemical free, all natural and specially blended to suit all different skin types. All of the ingredients in their products are plant derived and ethically sourced. In addition, all of the packaging is recyclable. Some of their unique products include Apricot Kernel Oil, Grapefruit Lemon and Cedarwood Body Polish, Chamomile Flower Hydrolat and more.



We recently partnered with Conscious Skincare on social media. See below for pictures of this collaboration.



You can learn more about Conscious Skincare by visiting their website, https://conscious-skincare.com, or by browsing their social media pages below.

Facebook: Conscious Skincare

Twitter: @ConsciousFace

Pinterest: Conscious Skincare


New Year, New You: Vegan Products We Love!


2017 starts off a brand new year! What better time than now to adopt a new vegan lifestyle. We have compiled some of our favorite vegan products that can help anyone get started on their vegan journey. Enjoy and Go Vegan!

Organic Brilliance:

Rich & Thick Hair Products



Eco Tools: 

Vegan Makeup Brushes

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 11.41.10 AM.png


Urban Decay: 

Vegan Makeup Collection




Vegan Cookbook



Meaningful Paws: 

Vegan Apparel




Vegan Bath and Body Products



Coco Whirl: 

Oil Pulling Products




As always, check out our vegan handbags at 88-eightyeight.com

88 Announces: Circle of Friends

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We are very excited to announce our new loyalty program called “Circle of Friends”. We have created this program as a way of saying thanks to our loyal customers! By joining our circle of friends, you will receive exclusive monthly newsletters that will include special offers, up-to-date announcements and even free gifts! To join Circle of Friends, click the link below. We are so excited to begin this new program, we love our loyal customers! Stay tuned!


88 Handbags + DeVita Skin Care


DeVita Skin Care is an all natural skin care brand based in Phoenix, AZ. DeVita’s products are all organic and aloe vera based. Just like our bags, their products are all vegan. Their products are even PETA certified, pretty official! Not only are they animal friendly, they are also skin friendly. All of their products are 100% Paraben free!!

They claim to be the most advanced age-defying, all natural skin care & color line available. Pretty impressive! Some of their best sellers include the Solar Protective Moisturizer, lip sticks and glosses and mineral makeup.


We recently partnered with DeVita on social media. See below for pictures of the collaboration.


Learn more about DeVita Skin Care on their website, http://devitaskincare.com/store/, or browse their social media pages listed below.

Facebook: Devita Natural Skin Care

Twitter: @DeVitaNatural

Google+: DeVita Natural Skin Care 

Pinterest: DeVita Skin Care

Youtube: DeVita Natural Skin Care

Instagram: @DevitaSkinCare

88 Handbags + Beautisol


Beautisol is the go-to brand for non-stinky, non-streaky self tanning products. This line features color-correcting pigments, so no more orange skin. Their products also have “pure scent” odor illuminating technology, so you can discreetly tan without giving away that dreaded self-tanning smell. Along with self-tanners, they also offer anti-aging products, Tanning Accessories, Exfoliators, BeautiKits & more!

Beautisol Product Lineup

Beautisol Trio

Mailchimp Image 1

She Knows Mousse

We recently partnered with Beautisol on social media. See below for pictures of the collaboration.

You can learn more about Beautisol at their website, http://www.beautisol.com, or browse their social media pages linked below.

Facebook: Beautisol

Instagram: @beautisol 

Twitter: @Beautisol

Pinterest: Beautisol


88 Handbags + Norabloom Botanicals


We recently partnered with skincare brand, Norabloom Botanicals, to showcase both of our vegan products on instagram. Norabloom is an organic skincare brand founded by skin care expert, esthetician, certified oncology esthetician, makeup artist, semi pro baker, & homemaker, Holly Green. Along with the paraben-free skincare line, they also have a beauty lounge offering facials, massages, waxing, makeup, natural nail care & Spa Parties. Based in Ithaca, NY, they take pride in offering a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

See pictures below featuring our best selling bag, the red Katie Medium Satchel, paired with one of Norabloom’s best sellers, the Pear & Rhubarb Serum.

You can shop all of Norabloom’s products at http://www.norabloom.com.

You can also keep up with them on their social media pages, listed below.

Facebook: Norabloom Botanicals & Beauty Lounge 

Twitter: @Lovenorabloom

Instagram: @norabloombotanicals

Pinterest: Norabloom Botanicals

Blog: http://www.norabloom.com/blog/

88 Handbags + Foxbait


LA based women’s wear brand, Foxbait, recently used some of our handbags in their  lookbook. Some of the pictures are shown below. Foxbait is a brand that focuses on making comfortable clothing with a sophisticated twist. The brand was created by two LA based designers, Camille MacMillan and Matthew Westray. This new Foxbait collection offers pieces for the modern, polished woman who is trend conscious, loves fashion and has the creativity and style to make anything their own.


To learn more about Foxbait, visit their website here, or visit their social media sites listed below.