88 Handbags + Bandaids for Bunnies

Last week, we donated handbags to be auctioned off at the 3rd annual fundraiser for the non-profit organization, Bandaids of Bunnies. The funds from the auction went towards being able to spay/neuter over 50 rabbits, build new cages for new intake rabbits and help with the ongoing vet bills for a few of the handicapped and elderly rabbits. Read below for more information on the event.

20160716_173439 (1)20160716_173509 (1)20160716_173529 (1)

Bandaids for Bunnies Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing rabbits abandoned on the streets of Richmond, B.C. Their mission is to help as many of the abandoned rabbits and their offspring as they can. They do this by providing vet care, spay/neuter programs and placing by them in fur-ever homes. They take the time to ensure that the adoptions and fosters that are approved have the best possible chance for success and maintain relationships throughout the lifetime of the rabbit. They  work closely with Dr. Joseph Martinez, a well known rabbit savvy veterinarian, at Little Paws Animal Clinic in Steveston for all of their rabbit medical needs.

For more information, you may reach Krystal Grimm-Madsen, Founder & Director, at bfbs@hotmail.ca, or visit their website at www.bandaidsforbunnies.org or http://www.bandaidsforbunnies.com

Facebook: Bandaids for Bunnies

Blog: https://bandaidsforbunnies.wordpress.com


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