88 + Green Saturday


We recently attended a vegan summer marketplace called Green Saturday as a vendor to promote our new Fall collection. The event was on August 20th at Alpine Village in Torrence, CA. Hosted by Vegans from Mars (Disneyland Vegan) & Kingdom23, Green Saturday is an end of summer vegan & cruelty free marketplace. The event featured cruelty free gifts, vegan food and snacks, clothing, accessories, jewelry, art and crafts and vegan beer.


A portion of proceeds from Green Saturday LA were donated to the Whiskers & Tails Foundation, a local organization that rescues and adopts various animals, from cats and dogs, to ducks, pigs and goats.

Whiskers & Tails Foundation was founded on February 1, 2005 by Lynne Amano, a vegetarian. Their primary mission is to rescue dogs, cats, to assist needy pet owners, to educate the general public on the humane treatment, and care of all animals.

Whiskers & Tails Foundation believes in the spay and neuter of all animals, especially feral cats. They also rescue barnyard animals and educate the public on backyard wildlife.

Their goal is to prevent animal cruelty and to make their lives better while with us. They continue to form relationships with local animal shelters, rescue groups, individuals, volunteers, city, county organizations and supporters.

One of their programs assists senior citizens with their companion animals by finding temporary pet housing, while the owner is hospitalized, in recovery, or permanent homes in cases of the owner’s terminal illness, or death.

To learn more about Green Saturday, visit their website at http://greensaturdayla.com/#intro or email them at greensaturdayla@gmail.com.





IMG_2332 IMG_2333


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