88 Handbags + Halloween

 Our new Holiday collection has the perfect selection of bags for you to complete your “spooky” look. From crossbodys to backpacks, clutches to wristlets, there is a style for everyone. See below for several wardrobe options. Complete your fierce halloween outfit with an 88 Handbag!








Dresses pictured are all from Reformation.

More Fun 88 Handbag + Halloween Costume Combos

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Convertibles are here!

Our new Convertible bags allow customers to enjoy two bags in one. This is great for both your convenience and your wallet. There are two different types of convertible bag styles in this collection: the Allie and the Chloe. The Allie converts from a clutch to a shoulder bag or a crossbody. The Allie also comes with an interchangeable top flap in a different pattern to seamlessly switch from day to night, or to simply change up your look. The top flap can be easily removed and converted into a whole other bag using the second flap and the removable shoulder strap.



The second convertible bag in this collection is the Chloe, which is a crossbody bag that incorporates a detachable bracelet in the shoulder strap. This bag allows you to keep the bejeweled bracelet intact in the strap, or you can remove it and wear it on your wrist to complement the bag and add a little bling to your overall look. The new 88 convertible bags are fashionable, functional and unique. Perfect for transitioning through different occasions, these bags allow you to purchase one bag while being able to use it in several different ways