88 Handbags + DeVita Skin Care


DeVita Skin Care is an all natural skin care brand based in Phoenix, AZ. DeVita’s products are all organic and aloe vera based. Just like our bags, their products are all vegan. Their products are even PETA certified, pretty official! Not only are they animal friendly, they are also skin friendly. All of their products are 100% Paraben free!!

They claim to be the most advanced age-defying, all natural skin care & color line available. Pretty impressive! Some of their best sellers include the Solar Protective Moisturizer, lip sticks and glosses and mineral makeup.


We recently partnered with DeVita on social media. See below for pictures of the collaboration.


Learn more about DeVita Skin Care on their website, http://devitaskincare.com/store/, or browse their social media pages listed below.

Facebook: Devita Natural Skin Care

Twitter: @DeVitaNatural

Google+: DeVita Natural Skin Care 

Pinterest: DeVita Skin Care

Youtube: DeVita Natural Skin Care

Instagram: @DevitaSkinCare


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